Who we are

The rigour of the legal officer as an art form

Etude BREITENMOSER is made up of a team of expert and experienced male and female colleagues ready to work on your behalf, whether you need advice, a specific mandate to be enforced or assistance in an emergency. 

Maître Marco Breitenmoser set up in business in 2006, the chosen successor to Maître Claude Naville, judicial officer since 1963. He offers consultations at 2 Rue de la Fontaine located in the historic centre of Geneva and he is happy to travel if you require.

After a comprehensive legal training, Maître Marco Breitenmoser gained not only a Master's in political science but also an MBA (Master of Business Administration). His military career as a senior officer in the Swiss army, particularly having had the role of Military Prosecutor, makes him a legal professional perfect for "field assignments".

Etude BREITENMOSER specialises in organising voluntary public auctions with the goal of bringing a comprehensive set of solutions to the business of estimating the value of works of art and movable items, inventories, and advising on valuation and sales. If the customer requests it, we will gladly organise so-called "in situ" auctions in an apartment or villa, which can, where appropriate, avoid removal costs.

We operate in the following areas:

Legal statements


Escrow deposits

Certificates of destruction

Serving judicial process


Prize draws

Enforcing judicial rulings

Prize competitions

Internet reports